Collection: 10 Feet

SALE up to 50% discount on the 10 Feet clothing collections at Clementi. 10 FEET clothing is an international brand that designs timeless and contemporary styles that give your appearance a nice chic flair. Cool and eye-catching styles that work for everyday life are our focus. The love for unique details, beautiful decorations and a heavy border are consistent in our collections. 10 Feet clothing is always of premium quality and wearability, with details that fashion lovers love. Whether you're looking for a street-chic off-duty outfit or want a standout, independent look to shine at the company's annual cocktail party. The clothing of 10 Feet can be wonderfully combined with that of other designers. At 10 Feet they say: 'In style we trust'. offers you, among other things, 10 FEET Blouses, 10 FEET Belts, 10 FEET Dresses, 10 FEET Cardigans and 10 FEET Pants. Below you will find the full 10 FEET collection.